15 Amazing Tips For Quickly Weight Loss



12. Social Support Is Important

Social support is very important. You can build your social support by making your friends and family understand why losing weight and maintaining weight loss is important for you. Choose restaurants that serve healthy food or request the chef to make a customized salad or entrée. You can join groups that are currently on the same mission as you. Talk to your trainer in the gym and ask him if he can get you a workout buddy so that you don’t lose your focus.

13. Eat Frequently

13. Eat Frequently

It’s a myth that not eating or starving yourself for too long will help you lose weight. It’s the other way round. Starving can switch your body to the “starvation mode”, and it will store every bit of food as fat thinking there’s a dearth of food. It’s your body’s survival tactic. So, eat small portions of food every 3-4 hours to keep your metabolism going and burn the fat.

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