20 Amazing Foods that Burn More Calories than They Contain : Weight Loss


Superfoods are like superheroes. They combat and solve every darn problem! So, if you are losing your mind but not losing weight, turn to these 31 superfoods. The fat burning phytochemicals, like antioxidants, in these foods aid fast weight loss without putting your health at risk. Also, consuming these will make 90% of your health problems disappear. But, unfortunately, you cannot find these foods labeled as ‘superfoods’ in the market. So, here’s your guide to choosing the best superfoods for weight loss – supported by scientific research. Swipe up!

31 Best Superfoods For Weight Loss 

Superfoods For Weight Loss – Fruits

1. Goji Berries

1. Goji Berries

Servings/Day – 1-3 oz

Best Time To Consume – Breakfast

Calories – 23-69 calories

These rusted red berries not only taste great but also top the list of best superfoods for weight loss for many reasons. Goji berries are low in calories, and the antioxidants present in them help reduce the oxidative stress state of your body. They help reduce waist circumference, improve lipid profile, and prevent cardiovascular disease in patients with metabolic syndrome.

How To Consume

Add goji berries to your smoothies and breakfast bowls or just have them as a snack.

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