20 Amazing Foods that Burn More Calories than They Contain : Weight Loss


Superfoods For Weight Loss – Starch

22. Quinoa

Servings/Day – ½ cup

Best Time To Consume – Breakfast or dinner

Calories – 114 calories

Quinoa is a pseudo-grain that is highly recommended for those trying to lose weight. Researchers at Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute have found that it contains proteins, saponins, and 20-hydroxyecdysone. These phytonutrients help improve blood lipid profile and prevent weight gain .

How To Consume

Consume quinoa with 4-5 different veggies and some boiled kidney beans (or poached, shredded chicken) for a power-packed breakfast or dinner.

 23. Oats

 23. Oats

Servings/Day – ½ – ⅔ cup

Best Time To Consume – Breakfast or lunch

Calories – 109 calories

Oats are the most common healthy breakfast consumed all over the world. That’s because they are loaded with dietary fiber and essential nutrients like folate, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids. Scientists at Louisiana State University have found that oats have anti-inflammatory properties, increase insulin sensitivity, and improve digestion and colonic transit period. This leads to reduced fat accumulation and keeps hyperglycemia in check.

How To Consume

Consume oats for breakfast, add them to smoothie bowls, or make savory oats for lunch.

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