25 Amazing Vegan Foods that Burn More Calories than They Contain : Weight Loss

What To Eat In Vegan Diet For Weight Loss

Here’s a list of top 25 foods to include in your healthy vegan weight loss plan:

1. Beans

  • Beans including kidney beans, black beans, garbanzo beans, navy beans, soybeans, and pinto beans are very low in fat.
  • They make a perfect addition to your weight loss diet. Each tiny bean is packed with proteins and fibers while remaining extremely low in calories.
  • A cup of black beans provides a whopping 15 grams of proteins and contains no saturated fat. A half cup serving of kidney beans provides around 2 grams of resistant starch.
  • Also known as chickpeas, garbanzo beans are packed with 2 grams of resistant starch in half a serving.

2. Oats

  • Eating a portion of oats for breakfast is a great way to provide the body with slow releasing carbohydrates.
  • Oats are rich in fiber, and a serving of this superfood will keep you full throughout the day.
  • Just a half cup serving of oats comes packed with 5 grams of resistant starch – a healthy carbohydrate that boosts metabolism.

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