25 Amazing Vegan Foods that Burn More Calories than They Contain : Weight Loss

7. Brown Rice

  • Brown rice is a healthy and fiber-packed alternative to white rice. Half a cup of brown rice contains 2 grams of resistant starch, a carbohydrate that aids in burning fat.
  • Brown rice is a low-density food i.e. it is quite heavy and filling, but relatively low in calories.
  • Brown rice is rich in muscle-strengthening proteins and vitamins that can also help you to get a flat belly.
  • It contains a rich supply of vitamin B that helps burn calories.

8. Pears


  • One pear comes packed with 15% of the daily recommended amount of fiber. A research revealed that women who ate three pears a day lost more weight than those who did not.
  • Do not peel the pear before consuming as its skin contains the highest amounts of fiber. The high pectin content makes these juicy fruits good at preventing water retention.

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