Best 8 Paid iPhone Apps you Can Download for Free Services


Visual Math 4D

Normally $1.99.

Visual Math 4D is a graphical calculator that allows you to visualize and solve your mathematical equations. It supports various types of equations, such as spherical, parametrical, polar and cartesian equations, which can be visualized in 2D and 3D.

Supported features:
– vectors & matrices
– complex numbers
– truth- and value tables
– trigonometrical and hyperbolic functions
– logarithmic functions
– logical operators like XOR and NAND
– piecewise-defined functions
– definite integral
– n-th derivations
– statistical functions
– physical and mathematical constants with units
– plot cartesian functions with intersections
– plot polar- and spherical functions
– plot parametrical equations
– plot complex functions (draw real part & imaginary part)
– animate variables
– share content with other apps
– touch gestures
– graph legend (min/max)
– and many more…

Download Visual Math 4D

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