Low Carb Diet With Apple for Weight Loss

Low Carb Diet With Apple for Weight Loss

Eating fruits and vegetables always helps in weight loss, according to a study published in “Nutrition Research” in April 2008. Apples are an incredibly popular and healthy fruit. Apples provide significant amounts of vitamin C and fiber. Apples are help in weight loss process, fight with cancer, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, prevent gallstone formation and boost immunity.

High-Fiber Food

Apples are rich in fiber, each medium apple with the peel containing 4.4 grams, or 18 percent of the daily value. It is good way to sneak more fiber into your day .Make sure that you eat the peel, as this is where much of the fiber is concentrated. People who ate more fiber lost more weight and had a smaller waist  than people who ate less fiber in a study published in “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” in December 2009.

Low Energy Density


Food with low in energy density, which tend to be high in fiber and have a high water content, help fill you up without eating a  bunch of calories — it is the volume of food you eat that makes you feel full, not the number of calories. Apples with skin have 1/2 calorie per gram, making them a food that is very low in energy density.

Brain Function

Apples have also been linked to brain benefits. In one study on mice, apple juice reduced mental decline by decreasing the amount of harmful reactive oxygen species in brain tissue. Apple juice has also been found to preserve neurotransmitters they are important for optimal brain function and Alzheimer’s disease prevention. Apples have several healthy characteristics that work together to benefit blood sugar control, heart health, cancer risk and brain function.

Anti-Cancer Effects

Eating apple per day could slash the risk of up to certain different types of cancer, according to new research. The antioxidant activity of apples mainly helps to prevent these cancers. Scientists found those eating at least one a day were much less likely to get lung, bowel, mouth, digestive tract or breast tumors , than people who rarely or never eat the popular fruit. Consuming at least one apple per a day  helps you reduce the risk of mouth, throat, breast, ovarian and colon cancer.


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