Top 11 Calcium-Rich Foods for Quickly Weight Loss


What Happens If There’s Too Much Calcium In Your Body?

Having too much calcium in the body can:

• Lead to constipation
• Interfere with the metabolism of iron and zinc
• Cause kidney stones
• Increase the risk of developing prostate cancer and heart diseases
• Reduce the absorption of certain antibiotics, thyroid-stimulating drugs, etc.

In A Nutshell

With trustworthy sources of information (like ours!) and the guidance of your physician and/or dietitian, plan a calcium-rich meal and recharge your bones.

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What gives your backbone its strength? What helps your muscles contract and relax while doing those squats with weights? And what carries that quick reflex signal when you touch something piping hot? The answer to all these questions is just one – calcium. This article will tell you about the importance of calcium and also list various calcium-rich foods. You will also get to know what happens if your body is deficient in calcium. Scroll down to get started.


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