Top 24 Vitamin E Rich Foods for Lose Belly Fat : Weight Loss


14. Mustard Greens

  • Serving size – 56 grams
  • Vitamin E – 1.1 milligrams
  • DV% – 6%

Just like Swiss chard, mustard greens are highly nutritious, providing many health benefits. They are one of the top carriers of vitamin E, folate, and vitamins A, C, and K.

How To Include In Your Diet

Although they taste best when well cooked, we recommend using them in salads or considering par-cooking them to retain most of their benefits.

15. Margarine

Vitamin E Rich Foods

  • Serving size – 14 g
  • Vitamin E – 1.3 mg
  • DV% – 6%

Margarine contains high levels of healthy unsaturated fats and lower levels of saturated fats. These could be beneficial to your heart. But certain brands of margarine might also contain trans fats, so check the labels before you buy. Also, go for those brands containing corn oil as it provides an extra dose of vitamin E.

How To Include In Your Diet

You can replace butter with margarine on your breakfast toast.

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