Top 24 Vitamin E Rich Foods for Lose Belly Fat : Weight Loss


10. Taro Root

  • Serving size – 104 grams
  • Vitamin E – 2.5 milligrams
  • DV% – 12%

Taro root is also rich in various antioxidants (beta-carotene and cryptoxanthin) that boost vision health. The high level of vitamin C also helps boost the immune system.

How To Include In Your Diet

You can substitute potato with taro root in your vegetable salad.

11. Red (Or Green) Bell Peppers

Vitamin E Rich Foods

  • Serving size – 149 grams
  • Vitamin E – 2.4 milligrams
  • DV% – 12%

Red bell peppers also contain lutein and zeaxanthin, two antioxidants that contribute to eye health. They are also decent sources of iron and are rich in vitamin C (this nutrient helps in iron absorption), both of which help prevent anemia.

How To Include In Your Diet

You can add finely chopped red bell peppers to your grain or leafy salads. You might even add them to your breakfast omelet.

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